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In this unique program, students can simultaneously obtain an international double master’s degree in Journalism and Global Mass Communication.

The International Masters’ Program
in Journalism and Global Mass Communication

Based on a long-term partnership, Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and the Institute of Communication and Media Studies at Leipzig University have developed a special collaboration that offers a special double master’s degree for graduate students from the two partner institutions. Students who complete this program will be awarded a double degree of “Master of Science in Journalism” from Ohio University and a “Master of Arts in Global Mass Communication” from Leipzig University. Unlike existing international dual degree programs, where students usually spend two years at each partner university, this program can be completed within the regular two-year period and students will still obtain two master’s degrees instead of one.

Because both institutions mutually recognize coursework from the other university, participating students only need to spend one semester at the partner institution, usually their third semester. The goal of this double master’s degree program is to prepare students for a successful career in the rapidly changing field of globally connected media and to become responsible global communicators as professionals and scholars in journalism and mass communication. It is particularly well suited for students with an interest in international journalism and global mass communication, as well as for students who want to embark on an international professional career. It also prepares students for a career in the academic field and related areas.

What Alumni Are Saying

Stine Eckert

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Detroit, MI (Wayne State University)

My time in Athens was among the most memorable in my college career. I came as an exchange student from the University of Leipzig […] in Athens I could live American culture and work in American journalism. It was a dream come true. In the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism I also discovered my love for researching international news media issues […] Athens remains a magic place for me where — as the gate to the college green says — I grew in knowledge, wisdom and love.

Robert “Bodie” Stewart

Singapur (Milbank Tweed)

[…] Ein Leben voller schöner Erinnerungen an Freunde aus aller Welt […], an deutsche Freunde und Mitbewohner von denen ich unsaghaft viel von der Kultur, der Sprache und dem Leben mitgenommen habe. Ich habe Joschka Fischer über deutsche Einheit und Montags-Demos reden hören, habe Christoph Hein getroffen, habe Goethe, Gott, Geschichte, die Kultur und die Kunst mit Menschen aus aller Welt diskutiert […]. Die Stadt wirkt immer noch auf mich, zieht mich an, ist für mich nach wie vor eine Zuflucht.

Steven Geyer

Correspondent & Political Reporter,
DuMont Publishing House

It is no overstatement to say that my year at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism in Athens changed my life, but at least it set part of the course for my future. In lovely little Athens, I did not only take journalism and writing classes of great American and international professors and high-ranking visiting journalists. I also worked hands-on for the local online magazine ATHENSi.com as well as writing stories for German outlets (like Die Zeit, Spiegel Online and Leipziger Volkszeitung), which all helped me to get internships in Washington D.C. and in South Africa […]

  • Leipzig University
  • Saxony, Germany

Study in Leipzig

It has a long tradition to study in Leipzig: the university has already been founded in 1409. It is the second oldest German university with continuous teaching and research. Famous names like Wilhelm Leibniz, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Erich Kästner, Carl F. von Weizsäcker or Angela Merkel [...]

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Apply to Leipzig University

Students from Germany apply online each year between 1st and 31st of May. Students from other countries apply at Leipzig University via uni-assist from the 1st of April onwards.

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  • Ohio University
  • Ohio, USA

Study in Athens

The Ohio University is a public university with over 30.000 students located in the small town of Athens in Southeast Ohio. As the first university in the American Midwest, Ohio University, founded in 1804, is the oldest university in Ohio. The College Green is the center of Ohio University's Athens campus. With its brick walkways [...]

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Apply to Ohio University

Students from Ohio University must first be admitted into Scripps School’s master’s program and will then apply separately for the double master’s degree program at the beginning of their studies.

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